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Bon Voyage...

Dear Friends & Fans of Brother Sun,

The last eight years have been an extraordinary experience for all three of us. When we came together in 2010 to see what might come of our collaborative efforts, I don’t think any of us imagined that the music of Brother Sun would land so soundly in the hearts of so many people. Nor that it would carry us so far, for so long. And as we wind down 2017, we are tremendously thankful that so many people in so many places throughout North America have embraced our harmonies, songwriting, musicality and camaraderie.  And so it is with certain joy and nostalgia that we embark this week on Brother Sun’s final run of concerts, before we go on indefinite hiatus.

To say that we are filled with a spirit of humility and gratitude for the support you have shown us is insufficient. From east to west throughout the US and in Canada, you have been a part of helping us create moments of magic through our performances. From festivals and large concert halls, to Folk clubs, house concerts, classrooms, and even a march in Selma, Alabama – we are honored that our music has been part of the soundtrack for so many lives and moments.

As our fans and supporters, your generosity and graciousness have moved us as much as we hope our music has moved you. Thank you. We would not have become Brother Sun without you cheering us on! Our deal with you has always been that if you show up, we will give you our best. And you have shown up for us in so many ways over the years, and we have given you our very best. We are proud of the records we have made, the concerts we have played, the songs we have written, and the community we are privileged to call our musical home. We also look forward to the music we will all create separately, and in cooperation with other colleagues and friends. In addition, we are each looking forward to some much-anticipated time with our respective families and home communities.

So, this week you can catch Brother Sun on:

Nov. 1st  (Wednesday) in Takoma Park, MD at Allyworld

Nov. 2nd  (Thursday) in Landsdowne, PA at the Landsdowne Folk Club

Nov. 3rd (Friday) in Garden City, NY at the Garden Stage

Nov. 4th (Saturday) in Schenectady, NY at The Eight Step Coffee House (w/ Holly Near)

Nov. 5th (Sunday) in Westport, CT at Voices Café – Two Shows: 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM

From all of us – we say THANK YOU for an amazing eight years, for extraordinary kindness, for wondrous music, and for life-changing friendships.

We look forward to seeing you this week, or down the road at solo shows. And for those of you we miss – our recordings will continue to be available. Most of all, we remain grateful for the privilege to make this marvelous music, together.

In Gratitude,

Brother Sun