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Brother Sun Live on SiriusXM Radio August 28 - September 3

This weekend – and for the next two weeks – Sirius XM (The Village and The Bridge) will be broadcasting a live performance Brother Sun gave a few weeks back at their studios in Washington, D.C.

The premier will air on Sunday Aug 28 -“The Village Folk Show” on The Bridge, SiriusXM ch32 and on the SiriusXM App @ 6 am-10 am ET and 8 -12 midnight PT. BROTHER SUN LIVE! We’ll be on around 9 AM ET and 11 PM PT.

This show will rebroadcast on SiriusXM The Village ch741 online in the USA and Canada  all week ( 6x)

Aug 29  Monday 9  PM ET (Village Folk Show 6-10 PM ET)

Aug 30 Tuesday 3 PM ET  AND 6 PM ET (Village Folk Show 12-4 PM ET)

Sept 1  Thursday  11 AM ET (Village Folk Show 8-12 PM ET)

Sept 2  Friday 12 PM ET

Sept 3  Saturday 10 AM ET

The show will also be available for 2 weeks on demand at